I am continuously experimenting with new techniques, media, mediums, and pallettes in my visual work which, when taken as a whole, paints a narrative of my life’s journey to the present day. Much of my work is informed by the liminal spaces around us, whether those found in nature or those created by humans. Spaces where land meets ocean, where the land and water vie for dominance in battle that neither seems inclined to win; and spaces abandoned by powers that be which speak to what was – and infinite possibilities of what will be, are those spaces where I’m most comfortable. Similarly, early spring and mid-to-late autumn, when the tides are turning, and when the moon is neither full nor new, are times where I feel most at peace, and alive.

I am also as at home when surrounded by skyscrapers and the anonymity of the city as I am in nature, and draw heavy inspiration from hidden urban spaces, urban decay, bright splashes of graffiti and art, and rain-soaked streets at night.

Life is a multi-dimensional, many-layered, finely textured thing which I give voice to in everything that I do. It’s this philosophy that inspires me to never stop experimenting with colour, texture, layers, and media/mediums which means that no two pieces will ever be the same.

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